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Carriff Engineered Fabrics Corporation

Under Deck Drainage System

Innovative Solutions for Dry, Usable Under Deck Areas

Effective Pipe Sock Fabrics For Under Your Deck

Transform your outdoor living space with improving your under deck drainage system with Carriff. Under deck drainage systems are designed to efficiently channel water away from under your deck. This system not only protects and extends the lifespan of your deck but also creates a dry, usable area underneath, perfect for additional outdoor living or storage space. Our drain sleeves and pipe socks will improve the water flow and prevent debris from clogging. Discover the potential of your under deck area and make the most out of your outdoor living space.

Drain Sleeve Products

Application & Benefits

Carriff's Under Deck Drainage System Drain Fabrics are designed for diverse applications, offering significant benefits in various settings. These include:

Overall, these fabrics are invaluable for under your deck, providing peace of mind and safety across multiple applications.

under deck drainage system

Advanced Drain Fabrics

Maximize Outdoor Space with Optimal Under Deck Drainage

Elevate your project’s effectiveness and sustainability with Carriff Engineered Fabrics Corporation. Our cutting-edge drainage fabrics, designed with the latest technology, are the perfect solution for a wide range of environmental and industrial applications. From robust erosion control to efficient spill containment, our products promise durability, performance, and eco-friendliness. Partner with us to benefit from the innovative designs of our advanced drainage systems and technical fabrics, tailor-made to withstand the challenges of agriculture, construction, landscaping, and more. Reach out now to learn how our solutions can make a difference in your next project.

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