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Basements, walls, and structures often suffer from water damage due to inadequate drainage in yards, basements, or foundations. This lack of efficient drainage can also have detrimental effects on trees, shrubs, and other landscaping plants. Carriff offers effective solutions available to address and rectify these drainage issues for homeowners. Leveraging our four decades of experience in high-performance textiles, Carriff offers a wide range of solutions to help professionals and DIY enthusiasts to protect critical drainage systems and preserve the integrity of peoples’ homes.

Check out our residential solutions lineup and see what we can do for you:

Product Function Benefit
Drainage Filter Sock™ Drainage systems protection, including weeping tiles, driveway, basement, and backyard drainage Prevents clogging and allows optimized water flow
Drain-Sleeve® DIY-focused drainage sock Clog prevention and drainage optimization
Soil Separator Separation and filtration in underground drainage systems, including french drains Prevents loss of soil permeability, optimizes drainage
Well monitoring sock Well protection Infiltration and clogging protection, and well lifecycle extension
Earthquake drain fabric Filter for soil liquefaction drain protection Drainage system optimization
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