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Carriff Engineered Fabrics Corporation
Super Sock™

Infrastructure & Highway Drainage Filter Sock™

Super Sock™

Infrastructure Drainage Solutions

The Super Sock™ (Type H) from Carriff is a field-tested, industry-leading solution for underground drainage systems in highway infrastructure. Specifically designed to protect crucial drainage pipes from sedimentation and clogging, it significantly enhances road safety and load-bearing capacity while reducing maintenance needs by keeping sediment and roots from damaging your drainage system. Compatible with a wide range of pipe diameters, Super Sock™ is available in various sizes and color options, including UV-resistant black. Its technical specifications, including an Apparent Opening Size ranging from 0.150 mm to 0.600 mm and a Filtration Opening Size from 120 µm to 450 µm, ensure adaptability to different soil types, complying with ASTM Standard D6707-06 (2019). Ideal for a multitude of infrastructure applications like highways, tunnels, bridges, railways, and beyond, Super Sock™ is an optimal choice for creating safer and more reliable roads with reduced maintenance and costs.

Road rollers building the new asphalt road
Specific benefits for Municipalities

Municipal Infrastructure Benefits: Super Sock™ enhances infrastructure resilience, reduces maintenance costs, and is versatile for various applications, ensuring compliance with safety and quality standards while supporting sustainable infrastructure development.

Enhanced Drainage Protection

Protects crucial drainage pipes in highway infrastructure from sedimentation and clogging.

Road Safety

Contributes to safer road conditions by improving load-bearing capacity and reducing road surface instability.

Maintenance Needs

Less frequent need for maintenance on drainage systems, leading to cost savings.

Versatile Compatibility

Suitable for a wide range of pipe diameters and types, including regular and XL sizes.

Color Options

Available in white and UV-resistant black, offering flexibility for different environments.

Compliance with Standards

Meets ASTM Standard D6707-06 (2019), ensuring quality and reliability.

Wide Applicability

Ideal for use in highways, tunnels, bridges, railways, hydro corridors, and pipeline drainage systems.

Technical Specifications

Features an Apparent Opening Size from 0.150 mm to 0.600 mm and a Filtration Opening Size from 120 µm to 450 µm, catering to various soil types.


A field-tested solution, recognized as a reference in underground drainage systems for infrastructure.

Sock™ Options

Maximize Your Infrastructure Project's Success With Carrriff's Sock™

Why Choose Sock™ For Your Infrastructure Project


Our 100% polyester Sock ™ filters are available to fit pipe diameters ranging from 2″ to 48″ (50 mm to 1200 mm) and are designed to work with all perforated drainage pipes, including corrugated HDPE, steel, aluminum, and PVC pipes.

Our most popular Sock™ is the 4″ filter, which comes in Regular and XL sizes. The 4″ XL filter, while designed for 4″ diameter pipes, is slightly larger in size than the regular 4” filter, making it easier to apply and as a result is less susceptible to damage during normal handling and installation.

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Most Sock™ filters are available as either white or black fabric. Black fabrics provide enhanced resistance to degradation from UV radiation, in the event of prolonged outdoor storage prior to installation.

Opening Size:
The opening size of our Sock™ filters was designed to prevent sand and soil from entering and clogging agricultural drainage pipes. With an Apparent Opening Size (AOS) of 0.600 mm, or a Filtration Opening Size (FOS) of 450 µm, our Sock™ filters provide the appropriate level of filtration for the vast majority of soils encountered in agriculture. However, in geographies where very fine, sandy, or silty soils are present, filter envelopes with a smaller opening size may be needed. Our Super Sock™ filters are available with an AOS of 0.425 mm, 0.300 mm, 0.250 mm, and 0.150 mm (FOS of 330 µm, 250 µm, 150 µm, and 120 µm) and have been used in agricultural drainage systems as an extra level of protection against very fine soils.   Download our performance data guides for Sock™ and Super Sock™ filters here.
Drainage Fabric Filter
Sock™ Options Section
Technical Specifications

All of our Drainage Filter Socks™ are designed to meet or exceed the performance criteria defined by ASTM Standard D6707-06 (2019): Standard Specification for Circular-Knit Geotextile Fabric for Use in Subsurface Drainage Applications. Sock™ filters are defined as Type A fabrics and Super Sock™ filters are defined as Type H fabrics under ASTM D6707-06 (2019). The table below shows how our filters compare to the ASTM criteria for Type A and Type H fabrics.


Type A value

Sock™ value

Type H value

Super Sock™ value


Min:     2.4sec-1


Min:     2.75sec-1

2.75sec-1 – 5.00sec-1

Apparent Opening Size

Max:   0.600 mm

0.600 mm

Max:   0.425 mm

0.250 mm – 0.425 mm

Puncture Resistance

Min:     800 N

1000 N

Min:     800 N

925 N – 1400 N

*In addition to the criteria above, we manufacture and test our Sock™ and Super Sock™ filters to meet several other standards. Please review our Product Performance Data Sheets for Sock™ and Super Sock™ filters for more information.

Drainage Filter Sock™

Where to Buy Our Products

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We sell our Drainage Filter Socks in bulk to pipe manufacturers throughout North America and Europe. If you are a pipe manufacturer, please contact us to request a quote. If you are a contractor, farmer, or engineer interested in using our geotextiles for your next job, ask your pipe supplier to provide pipe with Carriff Sock™ filters installed.
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If you are a DIY-enthusiast looking to tackle your own drainage project, you can find our patented Drain-Sleeve® products in major home improvement stores throughout the United States and Canada, including Home Depot (US/Canada) and Lowe’s. You can also visit our DIY page to learn more.

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