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Carriff Engineered Fabrics Corporation
Soil Separator™

Soil Separator™ - Residential Soil Separation Fabric

Soil Separator™

Residential Soil Separation Solutions

Residential Soil Separation Fabrics

Give your home the protection it deserves from flooding and water damage, and make sure your septic system works as planned using Soil Separator™, our simple, effective filtering solution that improves drainage efficiency.

By keeping more permeable aggregates free from unwanted sediments around draining pipes, Soil Separator™ guarantees your french drains and septic leaching beds work with optimal flow, reducing the chance of drainage failures.

Soil Separator™ Product
Soil Separator™
Applications & Benefits
Thousands of customers already reap the benefits of this product, including:
Drainage Fabric Filter For Erosion Control
Soil Separator™

Where to Buy Our Products

Why Choose Soil Separator™ For Your Residential Project

Maximize Your Residential Project's Success With Carrrif's Soil Separator™

Our Soil Separator™ fabric is available for purchase in major home improvement stores throughout the United States and Canada in 36″ x 150′ rolls (90 cm x 45 m):

We also sell a bulk roll of our Soil Separator™ fabric for industrial applications. Please contact us to purchase our industrial Soil Separator™.

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