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Earthquake Drain Fabrics

Seismic Drain Systems

Earthquake Drain Fabrics
Residential Seismic Drain System Solutions

Protect Your Health & Safety With Earthquake Drain Fabrics

Benefits Of Carriff's Seismic Drain System Fabrics

In residential settings, the impact of earthquakes extends beyond structural damage to homes; they can also cause the land itself to liquefy, posing significant challenges to rebuilding efforts and threatening the integrity of the property. To mitigate this risk, home builders often install seismic drainage systems designed to facilitate the upward flow of groundwater, thus helping to preserve the soil and yard integrity. However, these systems can be compromised by soil particles infiltrating the pipes, leading to sedimentation and potential blockages at critical times. To address this issue, Carriff has developed specialized filter fabrics for earthquake drains. These filters are designed to encase the drainage pipes, effectively blocking external particles from entering while ensuring that the drainage system functions as intended. This precautionary measure is vital in protecting residential properties from the adverse effects of soil liquefaction during earthquakes, ensuring that the drainage systems operate effectively to maintain soil stability and property integrity in seismic events.

Carriff Engineered Fabrics Corporation
Earthquake Drain Fabrics
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Thousands of homeowners already rely on our Earthquake Drain fabrics, reaping the benefits of this product, like:
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