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Commercial & Residential Drainage Filter Drain-Sleeve®

Commercial & Residential Drainage Solutions

Residential Home Drainage Solutions

Commercial Drainage Solutions

Drain-Sleeve® presents professional-grade filtering solutions in both residential and commercial contexts, offering sizes that are DIY-friendly and suitable for professional contractors. Renowned for its field-tested reliability, Drain-Sleeve® is crucial in a variety of projects ranging from home improvements to commercial building construction, and even to landscaping and sports field development. This product excels in preventing sediment, thereby enhancing the lifespan and functionality of drainage systems. Whether for residential foundations and backyard drainage or commercial applications like parking lots and sports fields, its advanced knitting technology ensures effective filtration. Meeting or exceeding ASTM Standard D6707-06 (2019) for Type A fabrics, Drain-Sleeve® provides high permittivity and puncture resistance, making it a versatile and robust choice for diverse drainage needs. Its availability in various sizes and the inclusion of tools like the patented EZ Loader applicator to facilitate easy installation, catering to both DIY enthusiasts and professional contractors.

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With Drain-Sleeve® you are guaranteed
to get benefits like:

Municipal Infrastructure Benefits: Super Sock™ enhances infrastructure resilience, reduces maintenance costs, and is versatile for various applications, ensuring compliance with safety and quality standards while supporting sustainable infrastructure development.

Wide-ranging Applications

Suitable for residential and commercial projects including foundations, basements, yards, landscapes, and parking lots.

Enhances System Longevity

Effectively prevents clogs from silt and sand, improving the lifespan of drainage systems.

Optimizes Water Flow

Promotes efficient drainage, increasing soil permeability.

Simple Installation

Comes with the patented EZ Loader for straightforward application, adaptable for various project sizes.

Available in Multiple Sizes

Fits diverse pipe diameters, available in lengths of 10 ft. and 100 ft..

Innovative Installation Tool

The patented EZ Loader Applicator simplifies installation, especially beneficial for large-scale projects.

Complies with High Standards

Meets or exceeds ASTM Standard D6707-06 (2019), assuring quality and durability.

Accessible for Various Projects

Ideal for both residential DIY projects and professional commercial applications.

Robust Construction Solution

Enhances stability, reduces repair costs, and mitigates risks in construction and landscaping projects.

With Drain-Sleeve® you are guaranteed
to get benefits like:

Drain-Sleeve® Options

Maximize Your Commercial & Residential Project's Success With Carriff's Drain-Sleeve®

Why Choose Drain-Sleeve® For Your Commercial & Residential Project

A variety of Drain-Sleeve® products are available to meet the demands of any job, big or small. Review the table below to find the product that is right for you.

Product Length Pipe Diameter EZ Loader Applicator
Drain-Sleeve® Package 10 ft. (3 m) 3, 4 in. (75, 100 mm) No
Drain-Sleeve® Preload 100 ft. (30 m) 3, 4, 6 in. (75, 100, 150 mm) Yes
Drain-Sleeve® Roll 100 ft. (30 m) 3, 4, 6 in. (75, 100, 150 mm) No
What We Offer

Product Lineup

There’s a Drain-Sleeve® product for your every need! They can be found in major home improvement stores throughout the US and Canada, including Home Depot and Lowe’s. Click on a product below to find where it is available.

Technical Specifications

All Drain-Sleeve® filters are designed to meet or exceed the performance criteria for Type A fabrics defined by ASTM Standard D6707-06 (2019): Standard Specification for Circular-Knit Geotextile Fabric for Use in Subsurface Drainage Applications. The table shows how Drain-Sleeve® filters compare to the ASTM criteria for Type A fabrics.


ASTM Value

Drain-Sleeve® Value


Min: 2.4sec-1


Apparent Opening Size

Max: 0.600 mm

0.600 mm

Puncture Resistance

Min: 800 N

1000 N

*In addition to the criteria above, we manufacture and test our Sock™ and Super Sock™ filters to meet several other standards. Please review our Product Performance Data Sheets for Sock™ and Super Sock™ filters for more information.

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