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Benefits Of Carriff's Workplace Spill Containment Fabrics

In commercial environments, the importance of effective spill containment, particularly for substances like fuel, oil, and chemicals, is often underestimated yet is crucial for workplace safety. These materials, along with common substances like cleaning products, ink, and paint, pose significant spill risks. Such spills can disrupt operations and expose employees to potential hazards. Our spill containment fabric is designed to address these risks, enhancing the efficiency of containment tools such as booms, pillows, cleaning kits, and solutions. This specialized fabric is adept at managing a wide range of spill types, from common workplace substances to more hazardous materials like fuel and chemicals. It plays a key role in not only swiftly managing spills but also in safeguarding the workplace against potential dangers, ensuring both operational continuity and the safety of personnel.

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These simple to use, highly effective materials can bring noticeable benefits to your business, like:
Drainage Fabrics & Filters
Drainage Filter Sock™

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We sell our Drainage Filter Socks in bulk to pipe manufacturers throughout North America and Europe. If you are a pipe manufacturer, please contact us to request a quote. If you are a contractor, farmer, or engineer interested in using our geotextiles for your next job, ask your pipe supplier to provide pipe with Carriff Sock™ filters installed.
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If you are a DIY-enthusiast looking to tackle your own drainage project, you can find our patented Drain-Sleeve® products in major home improvement stores throughout the United States and Canada, including Home Depot (US/Canada) and Lowe’s. You can also visit our DIY page to learn more.

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