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Drainage Filter Sock™

High-Quality Drainage Filter Sock™

Our Original, Proven Circular-Knit Geotextile, Protecting Subsurface
Drainage Systems from Sediment Buildup Since the 1970’s.
The Problem:

Unprotected subsurface drainage systems often fail when sand and soil particles enter the perforated pipes. Infiltration of unwanted soil particles restricts and eventually prevents the flow of water through pipes, which leads to overflows, waterlogged areas, soil erosion, among other issues.

Unfiltered Pipe Clogged With Sand
The Solution:

Since the 1970’s, our 100% polyester, circular-knit Drainage Filter Socks™ have protected subsurface drainage systems from failure due to sediment buildup. Our Drainage Filter Socks™ will keep your pipes running like new!

Drain Sock
Drainage Filter Sock™

Improve Drainage & Erosion Control With The Sock™

Efficient Sediment Drainage & Control

Erosion Prevention & Protection

How It Works
Prevents Clogged Pipes

Our Drainage Filters are applied to the outside of perforated drainage pipes like pulling on a Sock™. Once installed, the geotextile allows water to pass into the pipe, but keeps out the sand, silt, and backfill sediment that can clog pipes and lead to drainage system failure.

Unfiltered Pipe Filled With SandDrainage Filter Sock Preventing Clogged Pipes
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sock filter helps prevent clogged pipes!
Improves Water Flow Rates

When applied to the outside of corrugated pipes, our Drainage Filter Sock™ spans the valleys of the corrugations, keeping soil away from the perforations. In doing so, the thousands of small, uniform filter openings increase the inlet area for water to reach the perforations of the pipe. Since the perforations in the pipe are then left unobstructed by soil particles, the groundwater freely enters the tubing as intended, guaranteeing optimal drainage.

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sock filter helps water flow rates!

Increases Soil Permeability

The opening size of our Drainage Filter Sock™ is specifically engineered to allow very fine (colloidal) soil particles to pass through the filter and into the pipe – only to be flushed away with the water moving through the pipe. This creates void spaces in the larger soil particles that remain trapped around the geotextile, which increases the permeability of the soil immediately surrounding the pipe and improves drainage efficiency.

Sock™ Reducing PermeabilitySock™
Drag the slider to the left to see how our
sock filter helps increase soil permeability!

See what sets our Drainage Filter Sock™ apart from the competition:

Drainage Filter Sock™

Where to Buy Our Products

Buy in bulk
We sell our Drainage Filter Socks in bulk to pipe manufacturers throughout North America and Europe. If you are a pipe manufacturer, please contact us to request a quote. If you are a contractor, farmer, or engineer interested in using our geotextiles for your next job, ask your pipe supplier to provide pipe with Carriff Sock™ filters installed.
Buy Drainage Filter In Bulk
Buy retail

If you are a DIY-enthusiast looking to tackle your own drainage project, you can find our patented Drain-Sleeve® products in major home improvement stores throughout the United States and Canada, including Home Depot (US/Canada) and Lowe’s. You can also visit our DIY page to learn more.

Drain Sleeve Roll
Drain Sleeve Preload White

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Sock™ Uses

Carriff’s Drainage Filter Sock is used for safeguarding drainage systems from sediment, ensuring consistent water flow, and enhancing pipe longevity in agricultural, construction, and landscaping applications.


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