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Protect Health & Safety With Efficient Fuel Spill Containment

Benefits Of Carriff's Environmental Fuel Spill Containment Fabrics

In the transportation sector, particularly on highways, fuel and oil spills resulting from accidents pose a significant hazard, not only increasing the risk of secondary collisions but also endangering the lives of drivers and escalating costs. To mitigate these risks, our specialized fabrics, designed to maximize retention and permeability, are crucial. Available with either hydrophobic or hydrophilic properties, they are tailored to enhance the effectiveness of containment pillows and booms. These solutions are instrumental in enabling rapid roadside spill containment, particularly of fuel and oil spills. By quickly addressing such spills, response teams can significantly reduce the likelihood of further damage and prevent secondary accidents. Our fabrics serve as a vital tool in protecting both the company’s interests and the safety of drivers, demonstrating a commitment to road safety and efficient incident management in the transportation industry.

Drainage Fabric Filter For Spills
Versatile Fabric Options

Knitted and nonwoven fabrics for diverse containment needs.

Effective Retention

Designed to hold absorbent materials for optimal spill containment.

Optimal Permeability

Allows liquid to pass through for efficient absorption

Hydrophilic & Hydrophobic

Suitable for various spill types, including oil and chemical spills.

Wide Range of Applications

Ideal for general maintenance, hazmat cleanup, and selective oil spill containment.

Environmental Protection

Safeguards property and the environment from spill-related damage.

Customizable Design

Available in different diameters and colors to suit specific requirements.

Industrial Safety

Enhances workplace safety by effectively managing spills

Spill Containment
Applications & Benefits
When you rely on Carriff spill containment fabrics, you know you get:
Drainage Fabrics & Filters
Drainage Filter Sock™

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We sell our Drainage Filter Socks in bulk to pipe manufacturers throughout North America and Europe. If you are a pipe manufacturer, please contact us to request a quote. If you are a contractor, farmer, or engineer interested in using our geotextiles for your next job, ask your pipe supplier to provide pipe with Carriff Sock™ filters installed.
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If you are a DIY-enthusiast looking to tackle your own drainage project, you can find our patented Drain-Sleeve® products in major home improvement stores throughout the United States and Canada, including Home Depot (US/Canada) and Lowe’s. You can also visit our DIY page to learn more.

Drain Sleeve Roll
Drain Sleeve Preload White

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