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Carriff Engineered Fabrics Corporation

Erosion & Sediment Control

High-Performance Fabrics that Help Protect the Environment.

Erosion & Sediment Control Fabrics

High-Quality Erosion Control Solutions For Your Land

Carriff’s Erosion and Sediment Control Solutions encompass a range of advanced, eco-friendly fabrics, ideal for construction sites and environmentally sensitive areas. Utilizing durable, circular-knitting technology, our products include diverse options like Regular Grade, Heavy Duty, and High-Flow, all customizable in fabric weight, color, stitch density, and size. These solutions are effective in various construction phases, offering perimeter control, soil retention, and runoff diversion. Our erosion control fabrics not only contain eroded soils and contaminants within site boundaries, protecting nearby water bodies and sensitive environments but also boast superior water flow rates, reducing pooling and blowout risks in heavy rains. As photodegradable and reusable products, they support wildlife ecosystems, provide cost-effective alternatives to traditional methods, and minimize clean-up costs, making them an excellent choice for both the construction industry and environmental conservation.

Land and Soil Drainage

Erosion & Sediment Control Product Offerings

We offer three types of Erosion and Sediment Control fabrics: Regular Grade, Heavy Duty, and High-Flow. The Regular Grade and Heavy Duty fabrics feature the same knit construction, but the Heavy Duty fabric is more resistant to damage during use; the High-Flow version, on the other hand, features an open-weave construction and larger opening size for increased water flow rates. All products can be made in a variety of fabric weights, colors, and stitch densities to meet your needs, with sizes ranging from 8″ to 32″ in diameter. Please contact us to learn more.

Regular Grade
Heavy Duty

Erosion & Sediment Control Application & Benefits

Our products can be used in a number of erosion and sediment control applications, including:
Water Sediment Control
When filled with the appropriate material, our Erosion and Sediment Control products provide a number of benefits, including:
Lake Erosion Control
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