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Benefits Of Carriff's Environmental Spill Containment Fabrics

Environmental protection, especially in sensitive areas such as parks, fields, and public event spaces, requires prompt and effective responses to spills of potentially harmful substances like oil, fuels, and cleaning products. Spills in these areas pose a significant risk to the ecosystem and public health. To address this, swift containment using appropriate tools and materials is essential. Recognizing the urgency and importance of this task, we have developed a specialized range of products designed to enhance the performance of absorbent socks and pillows. These products are tailored for rapid and efficient spill containment, ensuring that accidental spills are managed effectively with minimal environmental impact. By improving the functionality of these key containment tools, our product line aims to provide a reliable solution for environmental protection in various scenarios, helping to mitigate the potential damage caused by spills in ecologically sensitive and public areas.

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When you rely on Carriff spill containment fabrics, you know you get:
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We sell our Drainage Filter Socks in bulk to pipe manufacturers throughout North America and Europe. If you are a pipe manufacturer, please contact us to request a quote. If you are a contractor, farmer, or engineer interested in using our geotextiles for your next job, ask your pipe supplier to provide pipe with Carriff Sock™ filters installed.
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If you are a DIY-enthusiast looking to tackle your own drainage project, you can find our patented Drain-Sleeve® products in major home improvement stores throughout the United States and Canada, including Home Depot (US/Canada) and Lowe’s. You can also visit our DIY page to learn more.

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