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Carriff Engineered Fabrics Corporation
Earthquake Drain Fabrics

Seismic Land Stability Fabrics

Earthquake Drain Fabrics
Earthquake Drain & Seismic Land Solutions

Protect The Environment with Seismic Land Stability Fabrics

Benefits Of Carriff's Seismic Land Stability Fabrics

Earthquake Drain Fabrics play a pivotal role in safeguarding parks and open areas from the detrimental effects of seismic shocks, particularly soil liquefaction. This natural phenomenon, triggered by earthquakes, can severely impact the terrain, obstructing access for emergency response teams and complicating subsequent landscaping and rebuilding efforts. To mitigate this, earthquake drainage solutions incorporating vertical pipes are installed. These pipes are designed to facilitate the upward movement of underground water, effectively preventing its interaction with destabilized soil layers. However, a key challenge in maintaining these drainage systems is the potential clogging caused by dirt particles. This sedimentation can impair the system precisely when it is most needed. To address this issue, Carriff has developed innovative filter fabrics that act as a protective barrier around these drainage pipes. By preventing the entry of external particles, these filters ensure the uninterrupted functionality of the earthquake drainage systems. Such measures are essential in enhancing the resilience of environmentally sensitive areas, ensuring that they can withstand seismic events with minimal ecological disturbance and remain accessible for immediate response and rapid recovery.

Carriff Engineered Fabrics Corporation
Earthquake Drain Fabrics
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