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Agriculture Drainage Products and Equipment

Farmers have long relied on field drainage to optimize and deliver one of the most important jobs on Earth. Drainage increases crop yields, prolongs the growing season, improves farm-field trafficability, reduces crop disease, increases the efficiency of fertilizer, and allows crops to be cultivated in otherwise inhospitable climates. Why jeopardize these benefits by leaving land drainage systems unprotected? To make sure farmers have the right tools for every challenge, Carriff has a wide range of textiles that meet the most demanding challenges on the field. From erosion prevention systems, to well monitoring fabrics, and our traditional, market leader Sock™, we can offer the right solutions to help producers make the most of their crops.

Check out our agriculture lineup:

Product Function Benefit
Drainage Filter Sock™ Drainage systems protection Prevents clogging and allows optimized water flow
Soil Separator Separation and filtration in underground drainage systems Prevents loss of soil permeability, optimizes drainage
Well monitoring sock Well protection Infiltration and clogging protection, and well lifecycle extension
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