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Aqua Sleeve™

Protecting groundwater monitoring wells from clogging and sediment infiltration.

Well Monitoring Fabric

Water Management & Drainage Solutions

Aqua Sleeve™

Aqua Sleeve™ is an innovative solution designed to safeguard the functionality of groundwater monitoring wells. These wells are critical for assessing the level, quality, quantity, and movement of subsurface water, but their effectiveness can be compromised by clogged slotted well screens and sediment infiltration. Aqua Sleeve™, a seamless, knitted, 100% polyester filter fabric, addresses these challenges by enveloping the well screen like a sock. This simple yet effective design prevents sand and sediment from obstructing the well screen or contaminating the well’s interior, ensuring free water flow and maintaining the integrity of water samples. Its chemical resistance makes it inert to most soil acids and chemicals, further enhancing its utility. Commonly used in areas susceptible to groundwater contamination, such as gas stations, bulk fuel depots, and landfills, Aqua Sleeve™ is pivotal in environmental monitoring, combining eco-friendly design, durability, and adaptability to various well sizes. This product represents a crucial step in ensuring accurate groundwater monitoring and protecting environmental health.

Drainage Fabric Filter For Water Management

Carriff’s Aqua Sleeve™ is a residential solution for protecting home groundwater wells from sediment. This seamless, knitted filter ensures clean water in sediment-prone areas. It’s an easy-to-use, effective method to preserve water quality and well longevity, essential for homeowners dedicated to maintaining groundwater integrity.

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Carriff’s Aqua Sleeve™ is ideal for agricultural use, safeguarding irrigation and groundwater wells from sediment and roots. Its seamless design ensures clean water supply for farming, vital for crop health and yield. Perfect for agriculture, Aqua Sleeve™ helps maintain water quality, supporting sustainable farming and effective water resource management.

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Carriff’s Aqua Sleeve™ is key for civil infrastructure projects, protecting groundwater wells from sediment. Essential for large-scale civic developments, it ensures clean, safe water supply, contributing to sustainable urban growth. Its seamless design offers an effective, easy-to-use solution for maintaining water resource integrity in infrastructure initiatives.

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Carriff’s Aqua Sleeve™ offers essential protection for commercial water wells from sediment, vital for maintaining clean water. It’s a seamless, knitted filter, easy to install and maintain. Ensuring water quality, crucial in hospitality, healthcare, and manufacturing, where water purity directly impacts operations. Aqua Sleeve™ is key in water resource management.

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Aqua Sleeve™ Application & Benefits

By using Aqua Sleeve™, you can join thousands of customers who already count on the benefits of our technology:
Aqua Sleeve™ Pipe

Aqua Sleeve™ Additional Information


Aqua Sleeve™ products are available to fit well screens ranging from 1″ (25 mm) to 12″ (300 mm) in diameter. Aqua Sleeve™ is conveniently packaged and sold in 100′ (30m) rolls.

Aqua Sleeve™ Sizes

This product is made of 100% polyester fabric on our circular knitting machines, which guarantees completely seamless, tubular filters. The lack of seams reduces the risk of snags and tears during normal handling and installation, increasing durability and reducing product waste.

Aqua Sleeve™

To install Aqua Sleeve™, simply pull the fabric over the outside of the slotted well screen like a sock, then secure it in place with plastic wire ties. Installation does not require glue or ultrasonic sealing, thereby eliminating weak spots in the fabric.

Aqua Sleeve™ Installation On Monitoring Well
Aqua Sleeve™
Product Specifications

View the product specifications for the Aqua Sleeve™ on our resources.

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