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Soil Separator™

Soil Separation Fabric For Soil Stability & Erosion Control

Soil Separator™

Explore Our Soil Separation Fabric

Soil Separator™ is an innovative trench wrap integral to the construction of effective French Drains and similar underground drainage systems. Its primary role is to facilitate separation and filtration, ensuring that permeable aggregates like washed stone or coarse sand remain uncontaminated by nearby less permeable soils. This function is crucial for maintaining the intended flow of surface or groundwater through the permeable layer into the drainage pipe. Soil Separator™ is designed to enhance the efficiency of drainage systems, making it suitable for a wide range of applications in both residential and commercial settings. Whether used in French Drains, weeping beds, septic beds, or as landscape fabric, its durability and practicality make it a valuable component in maintaining drainage system integrity and functionality.

Soil Separator™ Product

For homeowners, Soil Separator™ offers a simple yet effective filtering solution to protect homes from flooding and water damage and ensure septic systems function correctly. By maintaining the permeability of aggregates around draining pipes, Soil Separator™ ensures optimal flow in French drains and septic leaching beds, significantly reducing the chances of drainage failures and safeguarding residential properties.

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In agriculture, Soil Separator™ addresses the common issue of drainage performance loss due to the mixing of less permeable soil with coarse aggregates. This problem, prevalent in farming, can lead to crop damage or loss from floods caused by drainage failure. Soil Separator™ acts as an effective filtration barrier, keeping permeable aggregates around pipes and drains clear from soil that could reduce or block water flow, thus safeguarding crop health.

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For infrastructure projects, Soil Separator™ is an indispensable tool. It effectively prevents the mixing of more compact soil with coarse aggregates, a common cause of reduced performance in French drains. This soil separation fabric ensures better water flow and prevents sedimentation within pipes, playing a crucial role in the functionality and longevity of infrastructure drainage systems.

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In commercial projects, including drainage and leachate systems, and septic tanks, Soil Separator™ is a smart, straightforward filter that enhances efficiency. It prevents permeable aggregates like gravel from being contaminated by more compact soil, thereby optimizing water flow and minimizing risks associated with poor drainage.

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Soil Separator™ Applications & Benefits

This product can be successfully used for:
Soil Separator™ can bring great advantages to our customers:
Drainage Fabric Filter For Erosion Control
Did you know?

Our Drain-Sleeve® sock filters can be used with Soil Separator™ in French Drain designs as an inexpensive, secondary level of protection against pipe clogging.

Soil Separator™ Case Studies

Case Study 1:

Use of Soil Separator™ as a Trench Wrap in French Drains

A French Drain is a subsurface drainage system that typically consists of a perforated drainage pipe in a sloped trench, surrounded by a layer of granular aggregate, and buried under soil. The purpose of the granular aggregate is to improve the permeability of the area around the pipe and increase the rate of drainage into the pipe. However, without a geotextile to separate the soil from the granular aggregate, the former would quickly infiltrate the latter, filling the void spaces between the stones and reducing permeability around the pipe; the soil may also infiltrate the pipe, ultimately clogging it and causing the drainage system to fail.

Our Soil Separator™ fabric prevents these issues by forming a water-permeable membrane between the soil and the granular aggregate. During the construction of the drain, the trench is lined with our Soil Separator™ fabric. The pipe is then placed in the trench and covered with the granular aggregate. The Soil Separator™ is then folded over the top of the trench to completely envelope the pipe and granular material; finally, the wrapped pipe is buried under the soil. The incorporation of our Soil Separator™ fabric into a French Drain maintains the separation between the soil and the granular aggregate, thereby allowing it to serve its intended function, and increasing the overall effectiveness of the drainage system.

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Soil Separator™ In Ground
Case Study 2:

Use of Soil Separator™ as a Trench Cover in a Septic Leaching Bed

A septic leaching bed is a subsurface wastewater disposal system used to remove impurities from the effluent discharged from septic tanks. A leaching bed typically consists of a series of trenches in which a perforated PVC pipe is buried in coarse gravel. A geotextile fabric, such as our Soil Separator™, is placed over the gravel, and the trench is backfilled with sand and/or soil. As in a French Drain, the purpose of the gravel surrounding the drainage pipe is to increase permeability of the area surrounding the pipe. In a leaching bed, however, the gravel increases the rate of drainage of effluent out of the pipe and into the native soils, where bacteria are removed from the effluent before it reaches the groundwater table.

Without a geotextile fabric, such as our Soil Separator™, the sand and/or soil would infiltrate the gravel layer and reduce permeability, thereby impairing the function of the septic system. Furthermore, the sand and/or soil could infiltrate and clog the perforated PVC pipe, which could cause the septic system to fail altogether. For these reasons, it is highly recommended to include Soil Separator™, in the design of any septic leaching bed.

Note: Please contact your local regulatory agency before installing, repairing, or upgrading a septic system.

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Soil Separator™

Product Specifications

All Soil Separator™ products are made of 100% polyester and weigh in at 0.50 oz/yd2. For more information, including strength, water flow rates, permittivity, and apparent opening size, please view the product Spec Sheet.

Soil Separator™

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Our Soil Separator™ fabric is available for purchase in major home improvement stores throughout the United States and Canada in 36″ x 150′ rolls (90 cm x 45 m):

We also sell a bulk roll of our Soil Separator™ fabric for industrial applications. Please contact us to purchase our industrial Soil Separator™.

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