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Carriff Engineered Fabrics Corporation
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Our Products
Carriff Engineered Fabrics Corp.

At Carriff, we turn ordinary projects into extraordinary achievements! Whether it’s a cozy backyard DIY, vital highway infrastructure, or safeguarding against earthquakes, our range has it all. From Erosion Socks that conquer the elements to Drainage Filters ensuring smooth flow, Well-Monitoring products for precision, Earthquake Drain Fabrics for stability, to Spill Containment fabrics ready for any mishap – we’re your one-stop solution for durability, efficiency, and peace of mind. Carriff – where your project’s potential meets our passion for excellence!

Innovative Products, Exceptional Performance: Choose Carriff for Your Fabric Needs

Our Products

Explore our range of products to discover the perfect solution for your most demanding drainage filtration requirements.

Drainage Filter

Circular-knit geotextiles protecting subsurface drainage systems.
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Earthquake Drain

Preventing clogged pipes in earthquake drains that prevent soil liquefaction.
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Erosion Control

Protecting ecosystems from eroded soils and contaminants.
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Well Maintenance

Protecting groundwater monitoring wells from clogging.
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Soil Separator

Maintaining the functional integrity of distinct soil layers.
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Spill Containment

Your one-stop-shop for tubular fabrics used in absorbent products.
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Retail Brands

Our collection of retail products, including Drain-Sleeve® filters and Soil Separator™ fabric, are perfect for do-it-yourself drainage projects. Both brands come in a variety of sizes to help you tackle any job, big or small. Look for Drain-Sleeve® and Soil Separator™ products in major home improvement stores throughout North America.

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