About Our Companies

Carriff Engineered Fabrics Corporation (CEFC), is a privately owned, Delaware-based Holding Company. Each of our individual companies, Tex-Care Medical, Flynt Amtex Inc., Zodiac Fabrics Company and Carriff Corporation are 100% wholly owned subsidiaries of CEFC. Each of these independently managed companies is engaged in the manufacture of relatively small diameter, circular knitted fabrics for a wide variety of medical and industrial applications throughout the world. The vast majority of the products being manufactured by CEFC’s companies are sold B2B, whereby their products most often become an integral component of another finished product or, in the case of finished goods, they are marketed and sold through market specific distribution channels and retail outlets. To a much lesser degree, each company is also involved in direct, B2C sales of its manufactured products. The sharing of technology, physical space, manufacturing, and management experience among each of its holdings, coupled with economic advantages where commonalities exist, allow each of the four companies to operate efficiently and cost effectively in today’s competitive and global marketplace. The synergistic approach taken towards the management and operation of our various business units ensures that each company brings value to its customers through innovation, continuous process improvement, and sound business practices. The CEFC companies take pride in the many long term business relations that they have established with their customers over the years. Each looks forward to the opportunity of proving themselves worthy of your business as well.