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Carriff Engineered Fabrics Corporation

Custom Knitting & Fabrics

For the Most Unique Challenges, We Offer You Our Custom Knitting Service.
Custom Knitting & Fabrics

Custom Drainage Fabrics For Any Project

Effective Drainage Filter Fabric

At Carriff, we blend a century of industrial-grade knitting expertise with modern technology to address some of the most unique industrial fabric challenges. Our fleet of over 300 late-model, high-speed circular knitting machines, primarily focused on small diameter circular (weft) knitting, positions us to meet diverse fabric requirements effectively. While our knitting cylinders typically are less than 8″ (200 mm) in diameter, we also handle sizes up to 30″ (760 mm), enabling a wide spectrum of robust and reliable products. Our knitting capabilities extend to a variety of styles, accommodating both common and exotic yarns for specialized needs. This versatility makes our fabrics suitable for applications like drainage, erosion control, spill containment, well monitoring, and soil separation. Carriff’s commitment to quality and precision is evident in our in-house secondary finishing processes and adherence to ISO Quality Management standards, ensuring meticulous monitoring and control at every production stage. This fusion of experience, innovation, and technology allows Carriff to deliver tailor-made fabric solutions that are both high in quality and precision, catering to the specific demands of various industrial sectors.

Custom Knitting & Fabrics

Our Knitting Capabilities

Custom Drainage Fabric Filters

Carriff Engineered Fabrics

Custom Fabrics

We have experience in knitting common yarns, including polyester, nylon, and cotton, but also work with more exotic fibers to meet the specific needs of our customers. From developing fabrics from silver and Teflon fibers to PVA and other specialty monofilament yarns, our technicians embrace the challenges presented to them on a daily basis. This versatility allows us to to provide custom services for companies the are looking for:

Custom Drainage Fabric Filters
Secondary Finishing

Secondary fabric finishing including knife, laser, and hot wire cutting, calendaring, autoclaving, slitting, welding, and other types of fabric converting are also done in-house in order to maintain control of the production from start to finish and guarantee optimal quality.

Quality Management

Product development and fabric production is controlled and monitored in each of our factories through ISO Quality Management systems specific to the characteristics of the products being manufactured. From raw-material sourcing to equipment selection, inspection procedures, and packing and shipping, each step of the process is monitored to assure 100% customer satisfaction.

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