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Carriff Commercial Drainage & Erosion Control Solutions

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Commercial Drainage Filter & Erosion Control

Elevate Your Commercial Operations with Innovative Technology

Commercial Drainage Products and Equipment

From landscape drainage systems protection, to spill containment, from well monitoring to earthquake and parking lot drain optimizations; professionals need to meet a wide range of demands in water management and drainage optimization. Carriff has the best solutions for commercial and professional applications of performance fabrics, including our traditional Sock™, specialized spill control fabrics, and much more.
Commercial and Residential Drainage Sock

See below our product family, what they can offer, and choose whatever is best for you:

Product Function Benefit
Drainage Filter Sock™ Drainage systems protection, including retaining wall, low spot, footing drains, and more Prevents clogging and allows optimized water flow
Drain-Sleeve® DIY-focused drainage sock Clog prevention and drainage optimization
Soil Separator Separation and filtration in underground drainage systems Prevents loss of soil permeability, optimizes drainage
Spill containment  Optimizes prevention of the spread of hazardous substances Flexible application to maximize efficiency and reduce environmental risk
Well monitoring sock Well protection Infiltration and clogging protection, and well lifecycle extension
Earthquake drain fabric Filter for soil liquefaction drain protection Drainage system optimization
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