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Carriff Engineered Fabrics Corporation
Earthquake Drain Fabrics

Earthquake-resistant Construction Fabrics

Earthquake Drain Fabrics
Commercial Earthquake-Resistant Construction Solutions

Protect New Construction With Earthquake Drain Fabrics

Benefits Of Carriff's Earthquake Resistant Construction Fabrics

In the commercial construction sector, builders and contractors recognize the critical role of effective drainage systems in creating earthquake-resistant structures. One key strategy involves the installation of vertical drainage pipes that facilitate the upward flow of groundwater during seismic shocks. This approach is instrumental in protecting the soil from liquefaction, a process that can undermine the stability of a building’s foundation. However, a significant challenge arises when soil particles begin to infiltrate these pipes, leading to sedimentation and the potential for blockages at crucial times. To counter this risk, Carriff has engineered specialized filter fabrics for earthquake drain systems. These filters are designed to encase the drainage pipes, effectively preventing external particles from entering while ensuring the uninterrupted operation of the drainage system. By incorporating these filters, builders, and contractors can significantly enhance the earthquake resilience of their structures, ensuring that the drainage systems operate effectively to maintain the structural integrity of buildings in seismic events.

Carriff Engineered Fabrics Corporation
Earthquake Drain Fabrics
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