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Grout Sock

Filling for Every Void

Why Grout Sock?

Our Grout Sock isn’t just any ordinary solution. It’s an innovation designed for perfection:

Aqua Sleeve™ Installation On Monitoring Well


Whether it's for construction, infrastructure, or residential projects, Grout Sock promises an optimal fill.

For concrete reinforcement, grout injection, and structural support.

Ideal for bridge repair, tunnel strengthening, and roadway maintenance.

Perfect for home renovation, foundation strengthening, and repair work.

Excellent for erosion control, land reclamation, and soil stabilization.

What is the Grout Sock made of?

The Grout Sock is constructed from a seamless circular knitted polyester fabric. This ensures durability and consistency in its performance.

Why is the seamless design important?

A seamless design ensures uniform expansion when filled with grout, minimizing weak points and offering a consistent application.

Can I use the Grout Sock in wet conditions?

Absolutely. The Grout Sock is designed to function effectively in both wet and dry conditions, making it versatile for various project requirements.

How does the Grout Sock prevent overflows or spills?

The uniform opening sizes in the fabric allow the grout to expand within the sock, filling voids, while containing the material securely.

Is there a specific grout type recommended for use with the Grout Sock?

While the Grout Sock is compatible with most grout types, we recommend consulting with the grout manufacturer or a construction specialist to determine the best grout for your specific project.

Can the Grout Sock be used in high-temperature environments?

Yes, the polyester fabric can withstand high temperatures, making it suitable for a range of environments. However, always ensure the environment is within the recommended temperature range for the grout you are using.

How do I choose the right diameter for my project?

The Grout Sock is available in various diameters to cater to different project needs. The choice largely depends on the void or space you intend to fill. If unsure, consulting with a construction specialist can provide clarity.

Are there special storage requirements for the Grout Sock?

It’s best to store the Grout Sock in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain its integrity and prolong its lifespan.