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Pipe Sleeve

Tackle your next DIY drainage project with Pipe Sleeve

Retail Drainage Filter Sock

High-Quality Pipe Sleeve Sock Fabric

Pipe Sleeve

Our pipe sleeve is an innovative product designed to enhance the durability and effectiveness of your drainage and filtration systems. Specifically crafted to protect pipes from erosion, sediment, and other environmental stressors, our Pipe Sleeve ensures a longer lifespan for piping infrastructure. Its high-quality, durable material composition makes it an essential component for any construction, agricultural, or landscape project requiring reliable underground or above-ground pipe protection. This product is also incredibly easy to install, offering a seamless addition to your project’s drainage solutions. With Carriff Engineered Fabrics Corporation’s Pipe Sleeve, you can rest assured that your piping systems are safeguarded, contributing to the overall efficiency and sustainability of your environmental and industrial applications.

Drain-Sleeve® For All Pipe Types

Applications & Benefits

These reliable, field-tested filters can be used in a variety of DIY scenarios, including:
Drainage Filters
By using Drain-Sleeve® filters, you know you’re bound to get benefits such as:
Drain Sock
Did you know?

Drain-Sleeve® can be used with or without granular backfill materials, depending on local soil conditions. Alternatively, it can be used as an added layer of protection in a typical French Drain design to prevent pipes from clogging. Reliability and flexibility in a single product!

Drain-Sleeve® Options

Maximize Your Pipe Sleeve Project's Success With Carriff's Drain-Sleeve®

Why Choose Drain-Sleeve® For Your Pipe Sleeve Project

A variety of Drain-Sleeve® products are available to meet the demands of any job, big or small. Review the table below to find the product that is right for you.

Product Length Pipe Diameter EZ Loader Applicator
Drain-Sleeve® Package 10 ft. (3 m) 3, 4 in. (75, 100 mm) No
Drain-Sleeve® Preload 100 ft. (30 m) 3, 4, 6 in. (75, 100, 150 mm) Yes
Drain-Sleeve® Roll 100 ft. (30 m) 3, 4, 6 in. (75, 100, 150 mm) No
What We Offer

Product Lineup

There’s a Drain-Sleeve® product for your every need! They can be found in major home improvement stores throughout the US and Canada, including Home Depot and Lowe’s. Click on a product below to find where it is available.

Pipe Sleeve

Installing your Pipe Sleeve filter

On pipes

Installing this product on a drainage pipe is easy. Simply pull the filter over the pipe as if pulling on a sock. There are no seams to sew or tape, making installation quick and easy. If necessary, you can cut off excess Drain-Sleeve® with scissors and save it for your next project.

Drain-Sleeve® works with any perforated drainage pipes, including corrugated polyethylene pipes, PVC pipes, steel pipes, and aluminum pipes.

Drain Sleeve Products
With EZ Loader Applicator
  • Tie a knot in the filter at the outlet end of the pipe
  • Pull the applicator over the length of the pipe, maintaining tension on the sock
  • Remove the cardboard applicator from the pipe
  • Untie the knot in the filter (leaving the outlet end open)

For ease of installation, we recommend using the Preloaded Drain-Sleeve® for 30 ft. (9 m) pipes or longer. Please note that the patented EZ Loader applicator only comes with our Preloaded Drain-Sleeve® products.


Technical Specifications

All Drain-Sleeve® filters are designed to meet or exceed the performance criteria for Type A fabrics defined by ASTM Standard D6707-06 (2019): Standard Specification for Circular-Knit Geotextile Fabric for Use in Subsurface Drainage Applications. The table shows how Drain-Sleeve® filters compare to the ASTM criteria for Type A fabrics.


ASTM Value

Drain-Sleeve® Value


Min: 2.4sec-1


Apparent Opening Size

Max: 0.600 mm

0.600 mm

Puncture Resistance

Min: 800 N

1000 N

*In addition to the criteria above, we manufacture and test our Sock™ and Super Sock™ filters to meet several other standards. Please review our Product Performance Data Sheets for Sock™ and Super Sock™ filters for more information.

Pipe Sleeve Uses

Pipe Sleeve is designed specifically for do-it-yourself drainage projects, including foundation drainage, landscape drainage and more.

Commercial Solutions

Our range of specialized textiles meets the diverse water management needs of professionals.
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Residential Solutions

We protect homes from water damage with efficient drainage solutions like Drain-Sleeve®.
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