Soil Separator™ Geotextile Fabric

Soil-Sep-in-Trench Soil Separator™ geotextile fabric , as its name suggests, is commonly used to separate different types of soils or aggregates in order to prevent them from mixing together and contaminating each other. This spun-bonded non-woven fabric weighs in at a mere 0.5 oz/yd² (17 gm/m²), yet has an extremely high strength to weight ratio making it an ideal product for light duty construction applications. French Drain ArtDuring construction of a typical “French Drain”, maintaining the separation of coarse, granular backfill material such as gravel, and the native soils like sand, clay or topsoil, is of utmost importance to assure proper soil permeability and to assuring the long-term performance of the drainage system. Soil Separator™ is also commonly used during the construction of septic weeping beds (Check with local authorities for proper installation guidelines and procedures). Soil Separator™ fabrics are available in a wide range of sizes with the most common being 36” x 150’ in length. 36” x 150’ rolls of Soil Separator™ fabric can be found at Home Depot locations throughout the United States.

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Soil Separator fabric should not be left exposed to direct sunlight for periods of time exceeding 60 days as fabric strength may be compromised. SOIL SEPARATOR™ is a trademark of Carriff Engineered Fabrics Corporation.