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Help your customers protect their drainage investment
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Home Depot - 4 in. x 10 ft. Filter Sock

Filter Sock Drain Filtration Sleeve
4 in. x 10 ft

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Why Drain-Sleeve®
Applications & Benefits

These field-tested filters will protect your customer’s drainage investment with confidence and convenience.

check out the example listings of the Drain-Sleeve® Below - The Ultimate Protector against Clogs and Costly Repairs

Drain-Sleeve® is our Drainage Filter Sock designed specifically for do-it-yourself drainage projects, including foundation drainage, landscape drainage, low-spot drainage, and more!

Like all of our Drainage Filter Sock, Drain-Sleeve® filters protect subsurface drainage systems by preventing silt and sand from clogging perforated drainage pipes, and are an inexpensive way to extend the life of drainage systems.

Drain-Sleeve® filters are built on the same technology and design as our bulk Drainage Filter Sock, but come in DIY-friendly sizes and are available in home improvement stores seen below!

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