Our History

Zodiac-Fabrics The history of Zodiac Fabrics dates back to the mid-1970’s when, as the “specialty” division of a major manufacturer of corrugated and perforated polyethylene drainage pipes (Big “O” Inc), they introduced the original SOCK™ filter to the North American sub-surface drainage industry. In 1996, the specialty division of Big “O” Inc. was sold to a private investor and renamed Zodiac Fabrics Inc. In 2002, the business was re-sold to private investors who, within 2 years purchased Carriff Corporation of Midland NC and created the new holding company named Carriff Engineered Fabrics Corporation. Zodiac Fabrics Company continues to operate as a 100% wholly owned subsidiary of CEFC.

Our Products

Zodiac Fabrics Company is the market leader in the manufacture of circular knitted Geotextile SOCK™ filter fabrics. Their products are shipped to manufacturers of perforated drainage pipes throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Pacific Rim. In addition to the SOCK™ filter fabrics, Zodiac is also engaged in the manufacture and distribution of circular knitted fabric for a variety of different markets and specialized applications. State of the art manufacturing equipment has positioned Zodiac as a leader in the manufacture of a host of relatively small diameter knitted fabrics for specialized industrial applications. Fabric design and custom manufacturing has become a specialty for Zodiac.


Located in London, Ontario, Canada, Zodiac operates from a modern 20,000 ft² manufacturing facility and employs more than 20 employees on a full-time basis. It operates a variety of the latest in high-speed, circular fabric knitting technology to provide quick fulfillment of customer orders and a broad range of diverse fabric constructions.

Quality System

Since 1995, Zodiac Fabrics has been registered to the ISO Quality Management System to ensure consistency in the quality of every pound of fabric they produce. Zodiac is currently registered to the guidelines of ISO 9001:2015. To see Zodiac’s product line, please click here.